Coach PapaYats

developmental coach, Chinese Weighlifting technique and methods

“Coach PapaYats, because of his passion and eagerness to learn about weightlifting he first visited and trained with me way back in 2012.
He’s been to a lot of dominant weightlifting country (China, Chinese Taipei and Poland) he trained, observed and learned from them. With his persistence he got the eye of a coach.
He can see my flaws in every step of my lift in snatch and clean and jerk that ordinary athlete and coach can’t see. ” — Hidilyn Diaz, Olympic Silver Medalist.

Specializing in youth training; and online technique evaluations (that’s for adults.) However, I like to select lifters with whom I work.

Looking for 10-14 year old kids in Sunnyvale-Milpitas-Union City triangle, there is an entry test to join, you are welcome to bring your child to try it out.  Only for serious parents.

Adults for online technique help – you need to be comfortable with negative comments.

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